Annual Scholarship for the Best B2B Tech-Startup Idea

Published: May 2, 2019

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Last updated: September 17, 2023

Andrii Bondarenko

Andrii Bondarenko

Content Team Lead @ Stormotion

Roman Bord

Roman Bord

Co-Founder @ Stormotion

Oleksii Bulavka

Oleksii Bulavka

CTO @ Stormotion

Digitalization isn’t just a hype word, it’s an irrevocable trend in many industries now. It is followed by tectonic shifts in the world economy, disrupting old approaches in many fields and leaving people without their old jobs while creating new markets and opportunities. So only those businesses which can adapt have chances not to lose their customers and find their niche. Moreover, digitalization even influences the way we sell and buy things.

Think of Uber. 10 years ago a usual workflow to book a taxi was by phone. You should find a taxi company’s number, call them, say your address and where you’re going (and they may not hear it clearly at first), spend some time waiting for a car without being sure when exactly it will come and able to pick a driver and vehicle itself. Ugh, it’s better to walk.

And look at how it works now. It doesn’t only require a few taps to book a taxi in Uber but allows choosing a specific driver and car to make your ride as comfortable as possible.

The same is true for many other industries – from food ordering and retail to real estate and even yoga classes. Of course, the B2B segment doesn’t stay aside. Thus, Stormotion is in search of the U.S. students who can offer their breakthrough Startup Ideas for the Digitalization of B2B business models.

Note: this is the annual scholarship that will be awarded once a year.

🤔 Why Do We Do It?

IT is our passion and we want it to be your passion as well 🙂

Our goal is to motivate you to think about B2B sectors and markets that haven't been digitalized yet and come up with fresh ideas on how you can change this! The $1000 Grant is expected to be used for further development of your idea and first concrete steps in this direction.

⏳ Deadline

You have to send your application no later than the 15th of January, 23:59 PST.

💵 Award

We will choose 1 winner who will be awarded $1000.

✅ Eligibility Requirements

To apply for the scholarship you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a US-based college or university student enrolled in a Computer Science, Business or Economics program
  • Have a minimum composite SAT score of 1250 or ACT score of 26
  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.3
  • Be passionate about your idea and eager to change the world 🚀

✍️ How to Apply?

To take your chance in winning the Scholarship you have to fill the application form below.

We respect your privacy and guarantee that your personal data won’t be given to any third parties. Yet, please note that we reserve our right to contact educational institutions from your application to verify provided data.

🔎 How are Entries Judged?

All applications will be reviewed by the Jury which includes 3 people: Stormotion’s CEO, CTO and CMO. Every application will be reviewed separately, so a mark from one jury member won’t influence the opinion of others.

  1. The CEO will evaluate your idea from the Business Perspective – whether you have an appropriate understanding of the chosen B2B field and market, concerned parties and offering a solution that hasn’t been around before.
  2. The CTO will focus on the Technical Perspective – whether it’s possible to bring your web or mobile app project to life and how many resources it may take.
  3. The CMO will pay attention to the Product Value Perspective – whether you understand the needs of all concerned parties and offer a solution they’re ready to pay for.

And for the ones who were persistent enough to read everything we prepared some tips that will help to succeed:

  • Make sure that the chosen problem is both intense and frequent to your target audience. Many Startups fail because they lack even 1 of these 2 points.
  • The Toothbrush test is used by Google’s CEO to determine whether a Startup is worth buying. If it’s “like a toothbrush, something that you will use once or twice a day” it’s probably going to be a good bid.
  • Always keep you Buyer Persona in mind. Always. The Buyer Persona is an image of your perfect customer - including his pain points, expectations, goals, demographics.

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