Nicolay Polotnianko

Nicolay Polotnianko

Tech Lead @ Stormotion

Building cross-platform wonders and fostering team growth.

Nicolay Polotnianko, the React Native Architect, is a builder of exceptional cross-platform wonders. His journey transcends the conventional boundaries of development, focusing not just on closing tickets but on making a lasting impact. Nicolay leads with a result-driven mindset and a positive demeanor, creating an environment where team growth is paramount.

In the intricate realm of technology, Nicolay is a guiding light, specializing in React/React Native, Apollo/GraphQL, functional programming, Node.JS/Nest.JS, Firebase/AWS, and Docker. He thrives on challenges, embraces new obstacles, and is relentless in his pursuit of learning and innovation. Nicolay's leadership is not just about code; it's about fostering a collaborative spirit where each team member is empowered to grow and contribute to the collective success.

Journey with Nicolay goes beyond the codebase, where each project becomes a testament to his commitment to results, positivity, and the continuous pursuit of excellence.