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A Digital Product development company that will turn your vision into a Successful Product



  • Landing Page for early User Acquisition

  • PoC or Prototype

  • MVP for Idea Validation

  • Porting the Product to another Platform

Whatever stage of digital product development you’re at — we’re on the same wavelength to solve your challenges with our services.

SMEs & Businesses

SMEs & Businesses

  • Digitizing existing Business-Processes

  • Reaching new customers on iOS & Android Platforms

  • Improving the User Experience for existing Clients

We provide digital product development services to deliver a Product that will solve your current business challenges.

Digital Product Development

Staff Augmentation

A transparent custom software development process with the best management practices helped us to deliver Projects for our clients ranging from early-stage Startups to known brands from USA and Western Europe.


Discovery Stage


Agile Development




QA & Testing




Next Iteration

Depending on which design and development stage you’re at with your Digital Product — we tailor our services to your needs.

It could also include such steps:

  • Brainstorming for defining a scalable Tech-Stack

  • Landing Page for Early Customer Acquisition

  • Customer Development with Potential Clients

  • Interim-CTO Position for Investor Pitching



Product Owner

SM Dev

SM Dev


Client Team + Stormotion Team

One or several developers to augment your Dev team: work side-by-side with your PM / Product Owner & Existing Development Team.
Typical Usecase: Filling the gap in your Tech-Team, while you're looking for a candidate locally. Hire an external Digital Product development team to deliver a Mobile App for an existing Web-Product if no mobile developers In-House.



Product Owner

SM Dev

SM Dev

SM Dev

SM Dev

Standalone Stormotion Team

A managed full-stack Scrum team (FrontEnd, BackEnd, PM, QA).
Typical Usecase: Using a remote digital product development team service to deliver a new Web or Mobile Product for your business from scratch, based on your specifications.

Our Clients Trust Us

"I highly recommend Stormotion as a service provider for app development. They're young, flexible, dynamic, creative and very fast. The cost of planning and implementation is also reasonable. As they use "pay as you go", have a good plan first — then the result also will be satisfactory".

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  • Looking to Develop a Digital Product?

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    Built by Stormotion

    Art of Comms

    Art of Comms

    Unlock the Power of Communication with Art of Comms

    The Art of Comms app is a useful resource for people who want to improve their communication skills and become effective leaders in a variety of contexts.

    Case Study

    Stormotion, why are you so special?

    Your Partner in Crime

    Whether startup or SME. We speak the same language and empathize with you to solve your business and tech-challenges.

    Well-Established Process

    Developing a Digital Product is hard. We know the right execution formula and will share our process and experience with you.


    No blind following of your instructions. We co-create the product together with you and think outside the box to meet your goals.

    Companies we’ve worked with
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    Questions you may have

    Take a look at how we solve challenges to meet project requirements

    Do you provide only a full-cycle custom digital product development service or can help at particular dev stages?

    We can do both. Usually, our clients reach us with requests for full-cycle digital product design and development services. It may include stages like UI/UX wireframing, discovery, development itself, testing & QA, release, and others.

    However, we may hop on your project to support you at any of the mentioned or other stages. For example, we can also work with legacy code and maintain or upgrade a Digital Product built earlier by another team.

    Do you help to release and deploy apps to the App Store and Google Play?

    Yes, we help with the release activities since it’s a part of our custom digital product development service.

    For example, it includes: uploading the app itself, editing the app availability depending on the country, adding descriptions and screenshots, etc.

    Do you provide post-release support as a part of digital product development?

    Yes, we provide all types of post-release app support services. That may be QA to identify potential bugs and weak spots of your code, app maintenance, or further development.

    Thus, we cover the needs of both Startups that are looking for fast iterations & high velocity as well as SMEs that are mostly interested in steady work and maintenance.

    What management practices are used at Stormotion to create digital software products?

    We use the best time-tested frameworks, such as Scrum and Kanban when providing digital product design and development services.

    For example, we divide development processes into sprints and setup daily stand-ups to keep everything transparent. Demo reviews are also a part of our regular management ceremonies to keep in touch with clients.

    What do communication practices at Stormotion look like?

    In digital product development, сommunication is crucial to clearly understand the needs of the client and the goals of the Product. That’s why we pay special attention to our management ceremonies and establish flexible and transparent communication with our clients.

    Our practices include regular demo reviews and using Kanban boards so the whole process is as transparent as possible. The communication is handled by an experienced PM or directly with the dev-team.

    How often do you provide your clients with status updates?

    When providing digital product development services, we rely on the Scrum methodology. It means that we have daily stand-ups where we share our results, future dev plans, and blockers.

    At the end of the sprint which is usually two-week-long, we also hold a demo presentation together with the client. It helps all the parties make sure that we’re moving in the same direction.

    We also provide various reports during the process to keep our clients up to date with the progress of our digital product development services.

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