Internet of Things (IoT) Application Development Services

  • Custom Software Development for IoT Devices
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Device Integration
  • IoT Database Solutions
  • Wireless & M2M Connectivity
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Why our IoT Mobile App Development Company?

Hands-on experience in IoT & BLE

While helping Startups and Businesses to create remarkable IoT Solutions – we gathered (in)valuable experience. We’re excited to share it with you by delivering a Digital Product that will seamlessly match your business needs.

Device-Agnostic Development

The connected devices market is extremely diverse. As an IoT development company, we can help you to connect smart devices of different types: from industrial automation mechanisms and home equipment to BLE-trackers & exercise machines.

Design, Development & Upkeep in one Place

We’ll support you at every stage of your product development journey – whether it’s UX/UI design, full-cycle development or further maintenance. Our IoT software development services are aligned with your business goals to ensure perfect balance between performance and user experience.

Technology Consulting

Prior to the development, our lead IoT App Developers will pick the best technology stack – be it for Android or iOS – to ensure both high security within the system and stable connectivity.

IoT App Development Features

Wearables & Fitness Devices

Smart Home Device Integration

Real-time Data Exchange

Navigation and Tracking

Health Monitoring

Security Systems

Video & Surveillance

3rd-Party API Integration

Alerts & Notifications

Dashboards and Data Visualization

Advanced Analytics

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Get Custom IoT Development Solutions on the Latest Technology

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Our Projects make us proud

Art of Comms

Art of Comms

Unlock the Power of Communication with Art of Comms

The Art of Comms app is a useful resource for people who want to improve their communication skills and become effective leaders in a variety of contexts.

Case Study

Our Clients Trust Our IoT Software Development Company

"I highly recommend Stormotion as a service provider for app development. They're young, flexible, dynamic, creative and very fast. The cost of planning and implementation is also reasonable. As they use "pay as you go", have a good plan first — then the result also will be satisfactory".

Case study

  • Сollaboration Models

    Staff Augmentation

    A transparent development process with the best management practices in place. Proven by our clients ranging from early-stage Startups to known brands from the USA and Western Europe.


    Discovery Stage


    Agile Development




    QA & Testing




    Next Iteration

    Depending on which stage you’re at with your Product – we tailor our iOS app development services to your needs.

    It could also include such steps:

    • MVP/PoC to Validate Idea

    • Team Extension for Faster Iterating

    • Brainstorming for Defining a Scalable Tech-Stack

    • Landing Page for Early Customer Acquisition

    • Сustomer Development with Potential Clients

    • Interim-CTO Position for Investor Pitching



    Product Owner

    SM Dev

    SM Dev


    Client Team + Stormotion Team

    One or several developers to augment your Dev team: work side-by-side with your PM / Product Owner & Existing Development Team.



    Product Owner

    SM Dev

    SM Dev

    SM Dev

    SM Dev

    Standalone Stormotion Team

    A managed full-stack Scrum team (FrontEnd, BackEnd, PM, QA).

    Stormotion, why are you so special?

    Your Partner in Crime

    Whether startup or SME. We speak the same language and empathize with you to solve your business and tech-challenges.

    Well-Established Process

    Developing a Digital Product is hard. We know the right execution formula and will share our process and experience with you.


    No blind following of your instructions. We co-create the product together with you and think outside the box to meet your goals.

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    Questions You May Have on Our IoT Software Development Services

    Take a look at how we solve challenges to meet project requirements

    How much does it cost to develop an IoT app?

    The costs of IoT app development services depend a lot on your requirements: the type of app, needed functionality, third-party services and technologies. Apart from this, the hourly rate of your development team also can significantly increase or decrease the final costs. In the case of IoT, you also have to include device costs.

    How do I know that my idea is safe with your Internet of Things development company?

    As a reliable IoT app development services provider, we understand how sensitive your IoT project data can be. To ensure the security of data, we sign and follow an NDA with our clients. Thus, all the project details – from your business model to wireframes and an app demo – are protected.

    What functionality can my IoT app have?

    Since we build custom IoT app development solutions, there’s no fixed list of features we can implement – we tailor the software to your needs. Thus, it can be as complex or simple as you need.

    Apart from the standard features, we can help with the implementation of more complex pieces of functionality like artificial intelligence, big data analytics, cloud services, etc. This way, we ensure that the software perfectly matches your business requirements and is tailored to your needs.

    Can you also develop a Web-Version of my App?

    Yes, we provide web development services along with creating applications for mobile devices. Thus, if your idea implies app development only for one platform, whether it’s mobile or web, we can do this.

    However, if you plan on launching your product on both platforms, we can use React and React Native frameworks to reuse some parts of the code between web and mobile to make the development simpler, faster and cheaper!

    Can you build a Web-Dashboard for my IoT Product?

    Sure. We usually prefer either Graph CMS or React Admin to build lean and slick Dashboards. Yet, we always pick a special technical stack, tailored to the needs of the project. Thus, we’d be happy to pick the best-matching framework depending on your use case.

    What IoT devices do you work with?

    As a dev agency with a proven track record in delivering IoT products, we had a chance to work with different devices. The list includes heart rate sensors, exercise equipment, vaping devices, vehicle engines, etc.

    We are especially proud of the expertise we’ve managed to gather in the Sports & Fitness industry. For example, for one of our clients, Platoon Fit, we’ve implemented the integration of heart rate sensors that transmit data directly to the application.

    We also have a proven track record in integrating fitness and health services like Google Fit, Apple’s HealthKit, Garmin, Fitbit, and others.

    Do you provide full-cycle Internet of Things application development services?

    Yes, we can support you at any stage of your development journey: from pre-project discovery to pick the best tech stack and UI/UX-Prototyping to delivery and post-development support. 

    Also, we can augment your team with our developers to deliver the expertise you’re missing, if you don’t want to outsource the whole process.

    What protocols can you use when developing IoT apps?

    Our IoT development company has a broad experience with all the most common protocols used to connect Internet of Things devices – WiFi, cellular (3G, 4G, 5G), Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and others. 

    If your case requires something more special, like LPWAN, RFID or ZigBee, we can take care of it, too! During the Discovery stage, we’ll pick the best tech stack in terms of protocols, platforms and APIs you may need to build your product.

    Do you provide firmware development services?

    No, we don’t specialize in firmware development. Instead, we provide full-cycle development services for different types of IoT software – like mobile applications and web dashboards.

    We can also set up an M2M connection between your devices that won’t need an intermediary device like a smartphone. It may be your case when you need to connect a heart rate sensor to an exercise machine or a vending machine to send out it’s inventory info.

    Do you work with legacy projects?

    Yes, we work with legacy projects. The full scope of work is defined together with the client: whether it’s maintenance, further development of your existing application, or the complete redesign of your application. We can both support your app as it is or update it so it fits the current needs of the market better.