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  • Create Healthcare Apps for Healthier Lives
  • Build custom healthcare software to optimize Hospital-Workflows
  • Heart Rate Monitoring, Integrated Health System, Enterprise-tier Platforms
  • Digitize HealthTech with Remote Care & Wearables
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Why our Medical App Development Services?

Extensive Experience in Healthcare

As medical app developers, we're helping a lot of companies from the Healthcare Industry to build remarkable custom Web & App Solutions. We gathered valuable experience that we’d be happy to share with you.


HIPAA, HITECH, FDA are 3 main legal pillars of every mHealth firm. We help you to ensure that all legal parameters are met, safeguarding both user and product. Except for international regulation, we’ll also help to comply with all the legal requirements at the local level.

Platform-Agnostic Development

Customers love when their favorite Apps follow them on all their devices. We as healthcare app developers build custom HealthTech applications for both iOS and Android that work on desktop, mobile, and other platforms like a smartwatch or tablet.

Technology Consulting

Our Lead Developers will pick the best technology stack for your healthcare app to ensure it keeps growing and remains adaptable to market changes. From IoMT & Wearables integration and telemedicine consultations to health tracking functionality — we turn technical challenges into solutions!

Healthcare App Development Features

IoT & Wearables Integration

Apple HealthKit, Google Fit & HUMAN API

Appointment Scheduling


EHR/EMR & mPrescription

Patient Portal

HCRM/PRM, Electronic Health Record


Get eHealth Solutions on the latest technology from our Medical App Developers

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  • Сollaboration Models

    Staff Augmentation

    A transparent development process with the best management practices in place. Proven by our clients ranging from early-stage Startups to known brands from the USA and Western Europe.


    Discovery Stage


    Agile Development




    QA & Testing




    Next Iteration

    Depending on which stage you’re at with your Product — we tailor our iOS app development services to your needs.

    It could also include such steps:

    • MVP/PoC to Validate Idea

    • Team Extension for Faster Literating

    • Brainstorming for Defining a Scalable Tech-Stack

    • Landing Page for Early Customer Acquisition

    • Сustomer Development with Potential Clients

    • Interim-CTO Position for Investor Pitching



    Product Owner

    SM Dev

    SM Dev


    Client Team + Stormotion Team

    One or several developers to augment your Dev team: work side-by-side with your PM / Product Owner & Existing Development Team.



    Product Owner

    SM Dev

    SM Dev

    SM Dev

    SM Dev

    Standalone Stormotion Team

    A managed full-stack Scrum team (FrontEnd, BackEnd, PM, QA).

    Stormotion, why are you so special?

    Your Partner in Crime

    Whether startup or SME. We speak the same language and empathize with you to solve your business and tech-challenges.

    Well-Established Process

    Developing a Digital Product is hard. We know the right execution formula and will share our process and experience with you.


    No blind following of your instructions. We co-create the product together with you and think outside the box to meet your goals.

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    Questions you may have

    Take a look at how we solve challenges to meet project requirements

    How much does it cost to build a Medical Product with app developers?

    The costs of medical app development services depend on the type of your application, the scope of work (needed technologies and features), and the hourly rate of developers of your medical app. The last one may vary a lot: while a medical apps development company from Eastern Europe usually charges around $40-60 per hour, companies with the same experience but from Western Europe will probably ask for $150-200/hour.

    Luckily, developers from our healthcare app developers prepared a few rough estimates. For example, Telemedicine Platform development may cost between $24,000-$36,000, and a Doctor Appointment app – from $26,000.

    Can you build a software compliant with HIPAA, IEC 62304, ISO 13485?

    Sure. As a healthcare mobile app development company, we treat security with the highest attention. Stormotion can help you build apps, web apps, and other software compliant with industry standards like HIPAA, IEC 62304, ISO 13485 / ISO 27001 / ISO 27799.

    Except for the mentioned standards, we can also implement any other local and international requirements in the field of data security. For example, these may be GDPR, PIPEDA, the Medical Device Directive, the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, and others.

    Can you give a live demo to any Healthcare App your developers team has recently built?

    Yes, sure, we’d be happy to share some examples of our . Feel free to reach out, so we can give you a demo.

    We can also share some case studies of apps from the related fields – for example, fitness. For this, you can check our portfolio and pay attention to FitTracks and Fit Tracks Web case studies.

    Do you provide ongoing support & post-development medical app maintenance services?

    Yes, absolutely. As a healthcare mobile app development company, we can support you with bug fixes, SDK & API updates, OS Updates as well as further implementation of new functionality. 

    We can also do any necessary 3rd-party integrations: from a new API to wearable health devices and trackers.

    How do I know that my healthcare mobile app or web product idea is safe with you as my development company?

    We perfectly understand the importance of privacy and data security when it comes to Healthcare projects. Signing an NDA is a step that we normally take prior to providing our healthcare mobile app development services. Thus, you can rest assured that all the information regarding your medical app will stay within our development company – whether it’s an idea, UI/UX wireframes, or a live app demo.

    What features can be included in my healthcare app?

    At Stormotion, we tailor our healthcare mobile app development services to your needs. Thus, we can implement the features mentioned above or any others that are required for your use case. 

    For example, we can add video calls functionality to your medicine app or integrate any health device to ensure a stable flow of data to the application.

    Can you also develop a Web-Version of my Mobile Health App?

    Yes, porting to the web is a part of our medical app development services. You can check the case study of the FitTracks Web App.

    If you have neither a Web-Version of your product nor a mobile app, we can develop either of the products using JavaScript and the React Native framework. Thus, later it will be possible to reuse the code to scale your product for other platforms and port it from Web to Mobile or vice versa.

    We can also port your application from iOS to Android and the other way round.

    Can you also develop a Web-Dashboard for my Healthcare Product?

    Sure. As a healthcare mobile app development agency, we usually use either React Admin or Graph CMS in order to build a slick and lean Dashboard as a part of our medical app development services. But we’d be happy to pick the best-matching framework depending on your use case.

    How much time can it take to build an mHealth application?

    Development time, just like app costs, significantly depends on a few aspects: the type of app, the scope of features, required technologies and integrations, the complexity of the design are some of the most important. Thus, every particular case will be different, so if you want an accurate estimate of your project – contact us with some details of your idea.

    You can also find rough estimates of healthcare app development in the relevant articles. For example, the development of telemedicine app can take between 14-20 weeks, and doctor appointment app development is between 10-15 weeks.

    What Mobile OS is better for mHealth application development?

    The choice of mobile OS mainly depends on your business goals. Generally, iOS is more popular among mobile users in Northern America and Western Europe. It’s also better presented in the enterprise market due to its reputation for higher security. Since you’ll be dealing with sensitive data and medical records, security may be one of the key advantages for you.

    At the same time, Android has a bigger share in up-and-coming markets. Also, due to its flexibility, it allows developers to go for higher customization. It means that Android apps will be more open to custom integrations and implementing any kind of functionality you may need.