Back Seat Games

Time-killing games with no rules to remember.

The Backseat Games is a time-killing app you play while on a move or waiting in a line.

The mobile game industry is rapidly growing and evolving. Yet, it’s not only fueled by the newest technologies like AR games. It also rethinks the concept of good old backseat games, putting them into a user-friendly mobile wrapper.


Product Weeks

8 • Weeks

People involved in the product

4 • People

Number of commits made for the product

215 • Commits


The project is a digital adaptation of books by Michael and Lene Alfa Rist. Along with rolling out an e-Version of the copy, they’ve decided to launch a mobile Product.

Turning the book into the cross-platform application requires adjusting games to mobile behavioral patterns of users. It’s crucially important to allow users to easily find games, switch between them and catch the main idea at a glance.

The application is a step forward compared to the book. It not only requires a more catchy and detailed design but also enables much more interactivity.



Since the Project has rather UI than tech challenges, it was estimated to take 8 weeks in total, including Scoping and Handover. To meet the deadlines Stormotion made up a team of 2 Developers, a Designer, and a Project Manager.


- 1 Week



Agile Development

- 6 Weeks


App Development

QA & Testing


- 1 Week




After an initial onboarding call our Designer prepared a set of UI/UX Mockups based on the card design principles to cover every screen in the app. We managed to make it both energizing and appealing as well as intuitively understandable even for kids.


To deploy the app simultaneously on iOS and Android devices we’ve chosen the React Native framework.

Before jumpstarting the development, Stormotion developers had another call with the Back Seat Games team to approve the Design and discuss key features and milestones.

Tech Stack

React Native

Our clients trust us

Stormotion client David Lesser, CEO from [object Object]

They were a delight to work with. And they delivered the product we wanted. Stormotion fostered an enjoyable work atmosphere and focused on delivering a bug-free solution.

David Lesser, CEO


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