Feel amazing

A better you tomorrow.

Feel amazing is an inspirational project by Ailsa Frank, a British hypnotherapist and motivational keynote speaker.

Nowadays people spend about 3 hours a day on their smartphones. It’s almost a full day every week that we devote to texting, watching funny cat videos, playing three-in-a-row games or buying stuff.

Yet, more and more people use their smartphones for purposes other than chatting, shopping or entertainment. For example, for self-improvement. That’s what Ailsa’s Project is aimed at.


Product Weeks

25 • Weeks

People involved in the product

4 • People

Number of commits made for the product

518 • Commits


As it often happens, the app wasn’t a pilot product. Yet, it rather reshaped the whole concept than just supplemented the existing website.

Earlier, users had to buy courses online and would receive an email with a Dropbox link to watch the content. Feel amazing makes the whole process much more user-friendly, allowing users to buy and listen to courses right in the app.

Thus, it was crucial to ensure exceptional UX and intuitive navigation. Users should be able to easily find courses that match their needs, be able to use a convenient in-app audio player and freely reopen them when they use Feel amazing after a few days.



The Stormotion Team got onboard at the Pre-Product Stage to build the development strategy from scratch. During a kick-off call at the very beginning we agreed on the general Scope of the project, Tech Stack and milestones.

To tackle the challenges Stomotion assembled a team of 2 Developers, a Designer, and a Project Manager.


- 4 Weeks



Agile Development

- 25 Weeks


App Development

QA & Testing


- 2 Weeks




The Feel amazing application helps people achieve their personal goals related to building confidence, fighting fears, taking control of addictions or mending relationships with loved ones.


The UI part of the app was created by the Designer on our side. The simple yet appealing interface helps to navigate the app and doesn’t distract users when they need to stay focused.

The app contains a number of sensitive topics but still can be useful to the younger audience. For that reason, we devoted special attention to the Child Lock feature that hides courses for adults.

Tech Stack

React Native

Our clients trust us

"I highly recommend Stormotion as a service provider for app development. They're young, flexible, dynamic, creative and very fast. The cost of planning and implementation is also reasonable. As they use "pay as you go", have a good plan first — then the result also will be satisfactory".

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