Travel smarter. Book cheaper.

Bidroom is a hotel booking platform to provide users with home-comfort stays at a reduced rate.

The online hotel industry is booming. These days every second booking (57%, actually) is made on the Internet. By 2022 the market of online hotel bookings is going to exceed $174 million, making it a sweet spot for Startups.

That’s how Bidroom turned up!


Product Weeks

18 • Weeks

People involved in the product

4 • People

Number of commits made for the product

530 • Commits


For years the online hotel booking market was occupied by a few big players that actually shaped it. Travelers, as well as hotel owners, had little choice but to play by their rules. Bidroom challenges the whole system.

Using unique technology, Bidroom looks through the most popular booking platforms and applies discounts to beat their prices.

From the tech perspective, the Bidroom app is a classic hotel booking solution that puts a special emphasis on searching and filtering features. It allows shaping the search results exactly to match the user preferences.



To deal with the app’s complex structure, Stormotion assembled a team of 4 developers and a Project Manager. The design was provided by the Bidroom Team, letting us jumpstart the development right after the Scoping stage.


- 2 Weeks



Agile Development

- 14 Weeks

App Development

QA & Testing


- 2 Weeks




To keep up with tight project deadlines and reach maximum efficiency we applied our well-tested Agile practices. Working in sprints, we weren’t just “coding hands” but were co-creating the application together with the Bidroom Team.


Eventually, we’ve rolled out the tailor-made hotel booking application. It was important to ensure UX not worse than in the existing software solutions.

After completing the project, we handed it over to the Bidroom team so they can perform their go-to-market strategy.

Tech Stack

React Native
Google Maps

Our clients trust us

"I highly recommend Stormotion as a service provider for app development. They're young, flexible, dynamic, creative and very fast. The cost of planning and implementation is also reasonable. As they use "pay as you go", have a good plan first — then the result also will be satisfactory".

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