FitTracks Web App

Online prevention courses today to stay healthy tomorrow

Online fitness courses with a possibility to get up to 100% reimbursement.

We delivered the Web Version of FitTracks right after the mobile application. The Web App features online fitness classes aimed at improving endurance, strength, and immune system.

The classes are also certified by health insurers in Germany. It means that after the completion of the course users can get around 80-100% reimbursement.


Product Weeks

11 • Weeks

People involved in the product

6 • People

Number of commits made for the product

224 • Commits


Despite the online fitness market is quite crowded, FitTracks tried to take its own niche.

While other applications mostly focus on bodybuilding and weight loss activities, FitTracks has a goal of improving general wellbeing. Moreover, its workouts have been recognized as prevention courses by the German government. Thus, users can get a reimbursement of costs which makes FitTracks accessible to even more people.

One of the key tech challenges was to ensure a seamless experience across all the platforms – mobile, web & tablet. Since we were working on both a mobile application and website, it was important to ensure smooth synchronization and similar UX.



To build such a complex Product, the FitTracks team needed the Right Tech Partner. With our domain expertise in fitness app development as well as Mobile & Web development, we were able to perfectly match their needs.

Our team, working on the project, consisted of 2 FrontEnd Developers, a Designer, a Project Manager, and a QA Engineer. Our CTO also supported the development process.


- 3 Weeks


UI Design

Backlog Setup

Agile Development

- 9 Weeks

FrontEnd Dev

API & BackEnd

QA & Testing


- 2 Weeks





Our core task was to deliver a user-centric product that would be consistent with the website and matching mobile behavior patterns as well.


The Web App development wasn’t initially planned. Yet, after receiving the mobile application, the FitTracks team decided to provide its users with a truly cross-platform experience.

Thus, the Web App provides users with an opportunity to explore workouts on devices with bigger screens – PCs and laptops. Due to seamless synchronization between different mobile and desktop platforms, it’s possible to access fitness courses from anywhere.

Due to the use of the React Native framework, it was possible to reuse some parts of code for the Web App from mobile applications. It helped to reduce workload and shorten the development time.

Tech Stack


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"I highly recommend Stormotion as a service provider for app development. They're young, flexible, dynamic, creative and very fast. The cost of planning and implementation is also reasonable. As they use "pay as you go", have a good plan first — then the result also will be satisfactory".

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