Platoon Fit

Make your fitness data-driven.

Platoon Fit takes online workouts on a new level, putting a special emphasis on health monitoring gadgets.

The Fitness & Healthcare industries are the ones that were greatly affected by digitization. Now it’s possible to find a fitness application of almost any kind: for running, cycling, complex workouts at the gym, pregnancy exercise and whatever.

We’re inspired by projects that turn fitness into a lifestyle and encourage changes in users’ long-term behavior. Just like Platoon Fit does.

Moreover, Platoon Fit’ online workouts have already been recognized as prevention courses by the German government. This gives users the right to ask their health insurance companies for up to 100% reimbursement of costs.


Product Weeks

24 • Weeks

People involved in the product

4 • People

Number of commits made for the product

341 • Commits


The most challenging thing about Platoon Fit is that it mixes a few different approaches and technologies to deal with several pain-points of their customers:

  • First, the app is built around guided workouts and related features. It was crucial to ensure the seamless UX on all screens: whether it’s a Discovery to come upon new workouts, a fullscreen video Player or a Favourite Workouts Screen.

  • Second, fitness apps usually have a high abandonment rate. Doing the same stuff over and over gets boring, and people leave. That’s why it requires adding features that would encourage people to return to a fitness app.

  • Finally, to personalize the in-app experience even more, we were asked to integrate data transactions from cadence and heart rate sensors right into the application.



The guys at Platoon Fit needed a full-stack Tech Team. Actually, they were looking for a Partner to support them during the whole development cycle.

Eventually, the team of 2 Developers, a Designer, and a Project Manager was responsible for the project. To achieve the best result, we brought the Platoon Fit Team onboard and closely cooperated with them.

We also added a 4-week Discovery Stage to the general project timeline and got the most out of this time to find the best solution on health monitoring devices integration.


- 6 Weeks




Agile Development

- 16 Weeks



App Development

QA & Testing


- 2 Weeks




The Stormotion team delivered the React Native cross-platform solution to cover both iOS and Android platforms.


During the kick-off call, we decided not to scurry the development itself and hold a Discovery stage. 4 weeks or prototyping and testing was enough to pick the most appropriate Tech Stack for health monitoring devices integration.

To deliver the pixel-perfect fitness application we combined the best user-centric design practices and our experience with other projects from the same field (for example, Platoon Fit). Eventually, the app includes all the features agreed at the Scoping Stage.

To deal with the common problem of high abandonment rate we’ve also implemented music streaming services integration so users can workout and listen to their favorite music right in the Platoon Fit app.

Comment from our client Alex Obe, Owner from [object Object]

They were a delight to work with. And they delivered the product we wanted.

Alex Obe, Owner

Tech Stack

React Native

Our clients trust us

Stormotion client David Lesser, CEO from [object Object]

They were a delight to work with. And they delivered the product we wanted. Stormotion fostered an enjoyable work atmosphere and focused on delivering a bug-free solution.

David Lesser, CEO


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