Uncover your human potential and evolve professionally

Yangol helps Startups to improve their Talent Onboarding.

By providing newbies with an automated roadmap of all formalities & aligning them with company goals — Yangol prevents burnout & early resignation, cuts hiring costs and builds a memorable Candidate Experience for your team.

The Yangol Mobile Application reinvents the onboarding for both employees and employers. Thus, it becomes meaningful and open to candidates as well as efficient and data-driven to companies.


Product Weeks

14 • Weeks

People involved in the product

7 • People

Number of commits made for the product

640 • Commits


The onboarding procedure is a weak point for many companies. For employees, it’s often boring and chaotic, while employers usually can’t find enough time and other resources to do it properly. Yangol challenges this.

Thus, it was necessary to create a Product that would deliver clear value to both candidates and companies.

Employees are expecting a catchy app that will engage them as well as make onboarding hassle-free. Employers are interested in creating a flawless experience for their new workers and tracking their KPIs and OKRs in real-time.

The key challenge was to bring these two things together.



To create the Yangol Mobile App and landing page we assembled an internal Dev Team. Despite the project development was fully implemented by our company, we followed all the best practices of Agile Development.

Our team included a Scrum Master, a UI/UX Designer, a QA Engineer, a CTO, and 3 Developers – for Mobile, Web, and BackEnd.


- 4 Weeks


Customer Interviews

Agile Development

- 12 Weeks

FrontEnd Dev

API & BackEnd

QA & Testing


- 3 Weeks


Testing with 1st customers


The final Product fully met stakeholders’ expectations. While keeping it user-centric, we managed to keep the balance between both parties involved – employees and employers.


From the UX perspective, the Yangol application meets both goals. On the one hand, it creates a friendly and transparent environment for employees. On the other hand, it makes the onboarding process easily manageable from the employer’s side.

Since it doesn’t have any excessive features, the interface doesn’t look overloaded or too complicated. At the same time, it ensures a seamless UX even for those who are using it the first time.

On top of that, the app remains useful later, too. Real-time feedback and KPI/OKR tracking features make employee-employer relationships more fair and honest. After all, productive and happy teams are the smartest investment to make for one’s company.

Tech Stack

React / React Native

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