Cyril Troitsky

Cyril Troitsky

React Native Wizard @ Stormotion

Proficient in writing anything from E-Charging / Fitness React Native apps or technical documentation to articles or birthday greetings.

Born with a pen in his hand, Cyril set out to write anything that would come by in his lifetime. His love with words started with enrolling in a philology degree at Odesa National University, which then continued with an MA course in literature studies at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

In the 2010s he figured out he could write computer applications, and that’s when his developer journey began with being a Machine Learning enthusiast. However, quite soon he embarked on developing mobile apps with React Native.

Cyril really appreciates good user experience, which means that he writers user-centric code, always thinking about the person on the other end of the app. One thing Cyril is particularly interested in is creating animations: he wrote some insanely complicated UI (for Norsk Guardian, for example).

Besides that, Cyril has tons of experience in developing Fitness/E-Charging/IoT apps, as well as in writing white-label apps.