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Why our Membership Website Development Company?

Hands-On Experience in Membership

While providing services as a membership website development company to several Businesses and Startups, we gathered (in)valuable expertise. Now we can scale our experience on the development of subscription-based applications to help your Product succeed, too!

Platform-Agnostic Development

Membership products are all about creating a long-term relationship with the customers. And customers love when their favorite apps are available on their favorite devices. We bring these two things together – and make sure your users have a smooth experience on any desktop, mobile or wearable device.

Your Reliable Tech Parter

Great Developers replace challenges with solutions. Whether it’s a CRM or Subscription Payment Gateway integration or implementation of advanced group chat functionality for your membership site or app, we’ll ensure that you have the best technologies on your side.

Design, Development & Upkeep in one Place

We’re here for you at any moment – whether it’s pre-development Discovery Stage, Development, or post-development Maintenance. Stormotion as your membership website developer always align with your business goals.

Membership Website Development Features

Subscription & Membership

Member Profiles

Member Connections

Loyalty Features


Event Management

Digital Loyalty Card

Personalized Offers

Push Notifications

Custom CRM Integration

3rd-Party & Social Media Integrations

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Get membership solutions on the latest technology from our Membership Website Developers

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Our Projects make us proud

Art of Comms

Art of Comms

Unlock the Power of Communication with Art of Comms

The Art of Comms app is a useful resource for people who want to improve their communication skills and become effective leaders in a variety of contexts.

Case Study

Our Clients Trust Us

"I highly recommend Stormotion as a service provider for app development. They're young, flexible, dynamic, creative and very fast. The cost of planning and implementation is also reasonable. As they use "pay as you go", have a good plan first — then the result also will be satisfactory".

Case study

  • Сollaboration Models

    Staff Augmentation

    A transparent development process with the best management practices in place. Proven by our clients ranging from early-stage Startups to known brands from the USA and Western Europe.


    Discovery Stage


    Agile Development




    QA & Testing




    Next Iteration

    Depending on which stage you’re at with your Product — we tailor our iOS app development services to your needs.

    It could also include such steps:

    • MVP/PoC to Validate Idea

    • Team Extension for Faster Literating

    • Brainstorming for Defining a Scalable Tech-Stack

    • Landing Page for Early Customer Acquisition

    • Сustomer Development with Potential Clients

    • Interim-CTO Position for Investor Pitching



    Product Owner

    SM Dev

    SM Dev


    Client Team + Stormotion Team

    One or several developers to augment your Dev team: work side-by-side with your PM / Product Owner & Existing Development Team.



    Product Owner

    SM Dev

    SM Dev

    SM Dev

    SM Dev

    Standalone Stormotion Team

    A managed full-stack Scrum team (FrontEnd, BackEnd, PM, QA).

    Stormotion, why are you so special?

    Your Partner in Crime

    Whether startup or SME. We speak the same language and empathize with you to solve your business and tech-challenges.

    Well-Established Process

    Developing a Digital Product is hard. We know the right execution formula and will share our process and experience with you.


    No blind following of your instructions. We co-create the product together with you and think outside the box to meet your goals.

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    Questions you may have on our Membership Website Development Services

    Take a look at how we solve challenges to meet project requirements

    How much does it cost to develop a membership app or website?

    The average costs mainly depend on the needed features and technologies. Another important thing to consider when budgeting the membership website or app is the hourly pay rate of your developers. 

    Yet, in this article, we made a detailed estimate of membership website development services.

    Can you give a live demo to any Membership Website or App you recently built?

    Yes, in our portfolio you can find examples of our hands-on experience as a membership website developer. 

    For example, we developed the Platoon Fit app for a US-based gym chain, while Feel Amazing is a branded app of a British hypnotherapist Ailsa Frank.

    Does your company provide only full-cycle membership website development or ongoing support & post-development app maintenance as well?

    Stomotion as a membership site developer focuses on co-creating Apps & Websites that help our customers meet their business needs. It means that we tailor our services to your case.

    For example, we can add loyalty functionality to your existing software. Also, our development company can provide you with post-development maintenance, API & SDK updates or bug fixes for your membership website.

    What loyalty features can you implement in the product?

    As a part of our development services, we can implement all the most popular types of loyalty features for a membership website: points, achievements, coupons, stamps, tiers, and others. Yet, the list isn’t fixed – we as membership website developers would be happy to support your own loyalty or membership app idea. 

    By the way, you can check this article dedicated to different loyalty strategies.

    Can you create a custom CRM and integrate it with my existing Mobile or Web Application?

    Yes, our services as a membership website development company aren’t limited only to Mobile or Web Products for your audience. We also create custom CRM or ERP Systems for companies so they can automate business processes and access advanced analytics.

    Do you provide membership development services for both a website and a mobile platform?

    Yes, we can port your mobile application to web, or develop a brand new Web App from scratch. We can also use the React Native framework to build your app for the Web platform – thus, it’ll be much easier to develop a mobile app later since some parts of the code can be reused. As a membership site developer, Stormotion can also build applications for tablets and wearable devices.

    Can you augment our team with your experts?

    Yes, we can remotely join your team to help you at any development stage and share our domain expertise. For example, to fill the gap while you’re looking for a candidate locally or extended your Web-Team with mobile developers.

    How much time does it take to build a streaming application?

    Just like price, development time greatly depends on the type of the app, the scope of features, and required technologies. It’s clear that a live video streaming app and AOD application will have different tech challenges, resulting in different development time. 

    Usually, it takes 10+ weeks to create a custom application. Yet, to give you an accurate estimate of your own idea, drop us a line with project details.