Oleksii Bulavka

Oleksii Bulavka

CTO @ Stormotion

CTO and Co-Founder at Stormotion. JS-Evangelist with a PhD in Computer Science & System Analysis. Crafting the future of tech for over 10 years.

Oleksii Bulavka, our CTO and Co-Founder, has dedicated over a decade to shaping the technological landscape. Armed with a PhD in Computer Science, he has traversed the realms of FrontEnd, BackEnd, and FullStack development. Oleksii's passion extends beyond the code; he is a JS-Evangelist, playing a pivotal role in steering Stormotion's technical vision. His expertise not only lies in crafting robust software but also in inspiring a culture of innovation and excellence.

Born from a fervor for JavaScript, Oleksii is more than a tech enthusiast; he's a guiding force in the continuous evolution of Stormotion's capabilities. As the maestro orchestrating strategic technical decisions, he ensures that every project is not just a product but a testament to the wizardry of technology, leaving a lasting impact on both clients and the development community.

In the dynamic world of technology, Oleksii Bulavka stands as a testament to the synergy of skill, vision, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.